Social Worlds in 100 Objects

See the world through fresh eyes with Social Worlds in 100 objects. Looking at everyday items, University of Leicester Social Scientists bring you their thought-provoking perspectives in this series of short articles. John Goodwin contributed an article to this initiative The cotton bobbin: symbolic of a lost heritage?

Second Hand Books – Jephcott

For anyone interested  in marginalia the secondhand/used book market has to be an untapped source of material. The joy of buying used books is often more than just being able to get hold of an obscure text, a now deleted classic or whatever, its about the annotations, markings and notes that others add to theContinue reading “Second Hand Books – Jephcott”

Revisiting Norbert Elias’s Sociology of Community

We have a longstanding interest in Elias’s sociology of community. Here are a couple of links to papers that we have contribution to/written on this subject. The first is Angela Perulli’s Italian translation of Towards a Theory of Communities (1974) that contains some introductory notes on the original essay by John Goodwin. The second is paper by Henrietta O’ConnorContinue reading “Revisiting Norbert Elias’s Sociology of Community”

Re-Read ‘Education and the Working Class’ (and other Classics)

    C Wright Mills suggested that to avoid the ‘academic pose’ sociologists needed to get rid of the ‘academic prose’. Mills was an ardent advocate of clarity in writing and warned against the obfuscation of both grand theory and abstract empiricism. Mills sought criticism for his work with a view to making his writingContinue reading “Re-Read ‘Education and the Working Class’ (and other Classics)”

Norbert Elias: Questions to Ponder

This postcard was developed for the conference ‘From the Past to the Present and towards Possible Futures: the collected Works of Norbert Elias‘ a conference, organized by Jason Hughes and John Goodwin, to celebrate the complete publication of Elias’s works. To help structure the conference the streams were arranged around key books – such asContinue reading “Norbert Elias: Questions to Ponder”

A Gun, a widow and thinking in ‘the field’!

Originally posted on UK YOUTH RESEARCH:
by Sarah Hadfield @Sarah_h5  This blog post is inspired by some reflexivity of some field research I conducted for another research project early on in my research career. This research was on a topic aligned with ‘The making of the precariat’, but the research methods are superficially different. My…

Pearl Jephcott: The Legacy of a Forgotten Sociological Research Pioneer

Our paper on the legacy of Pearl Jephcott is available online first: Abstract While the lives and works of many sociologists have now been well documented, numerous sociologists at the ‘coal face’ of social research remain ignored. Consequently, beyond the contributions of those more ‘well-known’ scholars, considerably more needs to be done to examineContinue reading “Pearl Jephcott: The Legacy of a Forgotten Sociological Research Pioneer”

Archival Research

In our research we have found archives to be an essential source of data and material. Indeed, for our restudy of Elias’s Young Worker Project and for our on going work on Pearl Jephcott, archival research has been central to all we have done. Archives, although used by some social scientists, could be used toContinue reading “Archival Research”