Documenting Downtown: Nelson Sullivan


[Nelson] Why don’t people think of that?  Why am I the only person I’ve ever seen pointing the camera at themselves and walking around?  I mean, nobody’s ever seen that, obviously, and people just stop dead in their tracks and turn around and look when I’m doing it. It’s like they’ve never seen that. I think that’s highly unusual. There’s something…something that needs to be…some study needs to be done on why that is such a rare occurrence. [Dick]: Well, I think it’s because the cameras are so new. [Nelson] I think this year is the year that everybody is going to turn the camera around.  It’s a “turn the beat around” [world/whirl]. (Nelson Sullivan February 1st, 1989)

In this research, John and Laurie Parsons are combining a number of inter are related materials – YouTube films, autobiographical methods, diaries, letters and walking. We use these ‘as lens’ through which to explore the sociological value of films of New York vlogger Nelson Sullivan (1948 – 1989).

Nelson poster



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