Upcoming blogs: The works of Pearl Jephcott

Following previous blogs on the works of Pearl Jephcott and the interst this has generated, madeinleicester.com will be publishing more blogs on this subject in 2014/2015. Look out for three blogs that will be published here and via our twitter account @mi_leicester : Upcoming Blogs with accompanying images: ‘Parents at Home’ in Jephcott’s Homes inContinue reading “Upcoming blogs: The works of Pearl Jephcott”

Embodying Leisure: The Use of Images in Pearl Jephcott’s ‘Time of One’s Own’.

Embodying Leisure – The Use of Images in Jephcott’s Time of Ones Own. LERN Occasional Papers No. 2 John Goodwin and Henrietta O’Connor, University of Leicester. Abstract While the lives and works of many sociologists have now been well documented numerous sociologists at the ‘coal face’ of social research remain ignored. As such, beyond the contributions ofContinue reading “Embodying Leisure: The Use of Images in Pearl Jephcott’s ‘Time of One’s Own’.”