madeinleicester.com (@mi_leicester) is the collaborative blog of Professor John Goodwin, Professor Henrietta O’Connor, along with colleagues including Sarah Hadfield and Réka Plugor, all of whom are interested in the Sociology of Youth, Work and Community.

As well as disseminating ideas and information the the primary focus of this blog will be to give an insight into the collaborative work that brings together a unique style of research and research methods. The team has expertise in combining secondary analysis of qualitative and quantitative data, archival research, re-studies and re-analysis of visual research data and methods to give a fresh view on youth, work and community from the 1960s onwards. The team focus on former industrial areas, employers and communities within cities such as Leicester and Glasgow.

madeinleicester.com was created with the intention of giving you an insight into the work we do, to show you illustrations and photographs from the past and present that give an exclusive view of issues around youth, work and communities. There will be links to and information on past and current projects, re-studies and findings. We would also love to hear from you if you have any stories to tell about the projects you see on this website or if you have any memories that were ‘made in Leicester and beyond’…

Contact Form https://madeinleicester.com/contact-details/

Please note that this blogs is written as a personal reflection of the contributors (including guest blogs) and not those of our employers. Nothing should be taken in an official position or statement of our employers.

Please direct any queries you have about the contents of this website by  contacting us directly using the  contact form.

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