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The blog relating to ESRC fiunded Making of the ‘precariat’: unemployment, insecurity and work-poor young adults in harsh economic conditions’  can be found here. This blog is now inactive but is retained here for reference. New blog postings will appear on madeinleicester or the Jephcott or Elias blog pages.

Qualitative Longitudinal Research: Summary of a two day conference

Originally posted on Dr Anna Tarrant:
On Monday (8th June) and Tuesday (9th June) I attended, and contributed to Professor Bren Neale‘s retirement conference and what an event it was! On Monday, I presented alongside some excellent speakers about my methodological strategy for conducting qualitative secondary analysis on two of the Tmescapes datasets and here…

Learning for the past: What is a classic ?

We have been undertaking retudies for some time now and thinking about the need to revisit classic studies as part of our sociological analysis. Here is the introduction to a paper we have been working on and need to finish soon. John Goodwin and Henrietta O’Connor Following our various journeys in and around numerous past/historical/legacyContinue reading “Learning for the past: What is a classic ?”

Making the Precariat

This poster was created for the ESRC Secondary Data Analysis Initiative Event in London earlier this month (#SDAI). The poster features our projects key objectives, research design and the data we are using. The headlines at the top of the poster represent part of the media discourse on this subject. These headlines are from theContinue reading “Making the Precariat”

Gender, Youth, Community, Methodology and More: A Symposium Celebrating the Life and Work of Pearl Jephcott

Pearl Jephcott (1900-1980), in a research career spanning some forty years, made an outstanding contribution to British social science research. Her key works, including Girls Growing Up (1942), Rising Twenty (1948), Some Young People (1954), Married Women Working (1962), A Troubled Area: Notes on Notting Hill (1964), Time of One’s Own (1967) and Homes inContinue reading “Gender, Youth, Community, Methodology and More: A Symposium Celebrating the Life and Work of Pearl Jephcott”