Norbert Elias: Questions to Ponder


This postcard was developed for the conference ‘From the Past to the Present and towards Possible Futures: the collected Works of Norbert Elias‘ a conference, organized by Jason Hughes and John Goodwin, to celebrate the complete publication of Elias’s works. To help structure the conference the streams were arranged around key books – such as The Established and The Outsiders – but we also used this postcard as a prompt to generate discussion and to encourage further engagement with Elias’s work. For anyone engaging with Elias – from experienced Eliasian scholars to those reading Elias for the first time – these questions are useful starting points. The retreat of the sociologists, the debate between partisan and public sociology as well as the linkage between sociology, history and psychology are crucial debates that need further consideration by all.  For a report on the conference itself then please read Issue 41 of the Figurations newsletter that can be found here :

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